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22 March 2010

You are such a jerk :
I don't get the 'kids' today. I don't necessarily mean people of a certain age either. it seems this particular form of ego centric assholery isn't strictly reserved for the young, but many of the youth of today partake in it with a licentiousness that is frightening. It's beyond disgusting what they feel passes as 'being a friend' these days. Some people don't know any better, treating their 'friends' ans Marie Antoinette treated the rabble is their modus operandi. Their friends a\k\a followers accept this treatment and ignore most of it for whatever reason, as they feel that what they get from being around this person is worth it.

The Jekyll and Hydes are the worst. Ususally they want something from you and while they are getting it they are sweet as pie. After a fashion thinly veiled barbs and insults appear and eventually all conversation devolves into a feud with them, because they are so very insecure that they use whatever they can to bellittle others to make themselves feel better. I'd like to say I feel sorry for this lot, however I know the road to self love doesn't come from being petty, viscous and absolutely rude to everyone including themselves. There is a subset of these types, the openly two faced, who, while torturing some with their 'friendship' are actually nice to anyone else who happens by, to demonstrate again, their superiority and how inferior the brunt(s) of their bullshit is\are. While somewhat less distasteful to the masses, who are generally blinded by the passing whim of kindness, this subset is as objectionable as the first sentence of this paragraph suggests.

I have yet to find any real value in putting someone else down to make myself feel good. I can be a bitchy and catty as the next, but I'm usually just a mirror. I really feel satisfaction in giving them the same bullshit they are feeding me. They don't like that, it usually makes them worse, however it's karma baby. If they think I suck for doing that wait til the real karma kicks in and they're asking me if I want fries with that in their next job\life. It hardly takes karma that long to start kicking your ass.

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