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25 May 2008

where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods :
It's been a while, but I've been trying the whole put a positive spin on things slant. So while I've been flipped from midnight shifts to straight mornings with but 2 days grace to get used to it. And while I HATE billing contracts and people screaming about 3 cents I sit every day praying that I'm not brining on any kind of hypertension or raising my blood pressure to damaging levels because I am pushing 40 and I don't want to be another statistic especially based on my family history.

I still hate my job, most all of us in my training class do. Hardly anyone has quit yet as we all need a paycheque to replace this one before we can do that. If I was certain I could get 2 part time jobs as soon as I left this job I'd leave now. I can pay my rent for next month already, I can scrounge for more. Thing is though, there have been a lot of lay offs in town recently, layoffs of people doing the exact same job as I was who are now coming to my workplace to get hired because it's not the same job but we're always hiring. Call centres can't keep people because they're designed to shoot you out. With crappy shifts and outrageous work loads for not even remotely what someone hired directly by the company would get, people don't feel allegiance to the job or the company paying them, usually not to the company they are being paid to represent either. In some cases they will feel allegiance to having their rent paid or their mortgage so they stick it out. That doesn't make having a shitty job any easier.

So I am applying like mad to higher paying, or about equal paying jobs and hearing nothing. I did get some kind of computer generated response telling me I was way over qualified to work for X company and to try somewhere else. That so didn't make my day. In a country where all you are hearing about is shortages and giant flocks of retirees leaving and a demand to replace them, you wouldn't think being over qualified would matter. If we are really supposed to change jobs ever 5-7 years (more like 3-4 for me) then why is it so hard to get into a position that you have experience doing? It's either not enough or too much and no one wants you. Thing is you can never gauge by the add and tailor your resume enough that you are showing only enough to make them interested.

So this is what I've been doing. I've been trying to figure out how I ended up in generation gets fucked over. It's really starting to seem like all those things I was promised while growing up, that there'd be lots of jobs and there'd always be a need for hard working people - well it's bullshit. Unless someone owes you a favour you aren't going to get a better deal. I've passed all the tests, dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's and I may end up becoming a maid, because they'll take anyone who can drive and pass a criminal check, they pay as well as where I am now and they really don't give a shit if I'm a rocket scientist they want someone who shows up and does the job. Which I totally am. Too bad the rest of the employers out there don't seem interested in a worker who wants to work.
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