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18 July 2007

you're breaking my heart with those tears :
It's really nice when people go out of their way to bring you down.  Out of the blue some shithead I work with decided that it would be fun to up and call me a bitch several times.  He did it sneaky too, and no one heard him but me.  It pisses me off when some little shit starts calling me a bitch because he thinks it's funny or he says someone else did so he can too.  He started and didn't stop and was even laughing about it until I told him if he didn't stop I'd report him to HR for harassment.  And NO ONE HEARD A GOD DAMNED THING.

I tell them it happened and they call me a LIAR.  And then he goes and asks around to make sure no one heard him but me.  Then he starts telling people I'm making it up, he was never talking to me or about me that night.  He says I have ADD/ADHD and am constantly getting things wrong and people are believing him.  They are saying I lied, it never happened.  I am making it up.

How little people must think of me to say that I would make up a story like that.  Out of the blue just go and say someone called me names to start shit.  Because I'm a shit disturber and do that all the time????  The worst part is when someone says they believe you but won't meet your eyes and you know they're just saying it so that you won't get mad at them.

Just what motivation would I have to do that?  To tell people some little shit eater was all up in my grill calling me a bitch?  What do they think he did that would cause me to say that?  Why doesn't anyone think I have feelings???  Why  would I not be bothered that not only was someone calling me names but no one believes me.  It pisses me off all the more because I have absolutely no reason to lie and they all think I did.  No one thinks he is lying now though.

Well fuck you all.  Seriously.  If he ever speaks to me again that way I'll make sure he gets the riot act from HR and all my so called friends who can't believe he'd be like that, wait til he does it to you and no one believes you either.

Keep blogging.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 3:10 AM

08 July 2007

ain't misbehavin' :
I haven't been by for a while, mostly because I've had nothing good to say. I have been losing weight. The scale tells me it's 20 pounds since we moved in and I'm glad but I live in the new competitive zone where sharing this news brings a spiral of reprocussionary action. My roommate is very competitive. To the point where she is jealous of anyone who can outshine her and I'm not trying to but succeeding despite myself.

I do get pissy, don't get me wrong. Last night when she showed up at quarter to 1 am with 2 of her friends in tow and I was in my jammies and not ready for it because she didn't call to let me know - I was piqued. Then she had to announce to said friends of hers that I was being all weird and wouldn't come up stairs because I was in my jammies I wanted to kick her ass. The night before I held a stag here for a girl from work and I didn't make fun of her or call her down for not coming to meet them but she does it to me. That's not all that irks me, I'm also ticked that when it comes to having people over I'm not even asked if it's ok and I live here too, I'm just told eventually that they're coming and fuck it if it's inconvenient for me. Well fuck you too.

I am happier here then I was with the kids, there are less people here and somewhat less hassle. My new roommates are SLOBS and they are incredibly selfish. Years of living together themselves has left me odd man out for the way they do things, which is mostly to avoid doing it then bitch relentlessly about how the other doesn't do anything and it's really snitting me off today. Sorry all.

In the mean time did I say I've lost weight, well I have and I'm gonna keep at it. I have a gym appointment next Saturday and a group of us are trying to arrange classes so this is the closest I've been to getting fit in a while. Think happy thoughts for me. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 3:38 PM

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