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09 February 2008

there you go way too fast don't look out you're gonna crash :
Ah how is it after the move there's always something else that goes wrong? I got my insurance, all the missing pieces for making the perfect home and I even have curtains. Lime green and funky as hell but curtains none the less. I'm turning into a grown up and then I get a cold. A fairly craptastic head cold that's migrated to my larynx and now I have laryngitis. Yeeha. Well at least it's a simple something that went wrong. Some thing that can be fixed and I'll be fine by Monday I'm sure. Until then it's all about the resting up and ignoring the haters.

I currently don't really have cable so now I have to entertain myself in less commercially endorsed ways and it's been fun actually. Catching up on movies I haven't seen before and all, it's really nice having the ability to just catch up on things - thanks writers strike. Of course I do have many programs I was watching and may feel compelled to get cable come September to make myself one with the potential prime time schedule or I may have over come my complacency addiction.

I'll keep you informed. Must go drink lots of orange juice. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 7:30 PM

02 February 2008

with the sun in your eyes and on your own :
I made it. I moved to my new place Friday. Lucky, lucky me the movers came before the snow did so me and my crap were all here when the blizzard happened. Yeeha.

As it is, no one did make it out to assist me, other then the paid variety that is. I do feel I paid too much, but I'm cheap and the movers were fast, friendly and funny. Really funny. It made everything nice and better. Even when I had to haul my large ass into the cab of the moving van, 4 feet off the ground to go the new address. Yes, they even gave me a ride to the new place instead of letting me walk. Such sweethearts I tell ya. The took my bed apart and put it back together because some of the screws are stripped. I kind of wished I hadn't mangled my self taking that futon apart for they would have put it back together for me too. Oh well.

I'm here now and I need curtains and a strong strong person to change my shower head. Other then that, it's cool. I'm having an issue with the space difference here as opposed to there. The fridge is so small and it whines when it runs so it's taking some getting used to. I am getting a storage locker so I don't have to store anything I'm not using in my wee apartment. Aside from the usual scrapes and bruises from taking apart my place and putting it back together I have torn my rotator cuff so I have to take it easy peasy with my right arm. Not the best fighting shape for work the next few days that's for sure.

So I'm in, unpacking, trying to relax and get back to my overnight schedule. Hopefully all the kids on this floor won't make that too hard. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 8:21 PM

MenTal fUrbAll