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11 April 2008

don't stop me now :
It's a rainy grey day here in old Ottawa. It's dull and dreary, just like the outlook on my current job. Billing is something I have never enjoyed, and working in a call centre doing billing makes me wish I could just be punched in the head for pay. Yeah I really don't like it. I went and applied for a few other jobs, but those will take time to hear from, so in the meantime I have to stay where I am and try not to burst into tears. I've never been that good at raging insincerity, but I know a lot of people who are and they will excel in this job I'm sure.

While looking for jobs I got myself a credit card and I got a new hard drive and ram for my computer. In my remaining spare time I hooked back up with my BBF pre college and perfected my low fat, wholewheat oatmeal chocolate chip recipe. Yippee. So my current weekend will be full of reformatting and installing hard ware, which I'm sure will make me homicidal so I'm also looking to shop a bit. I'm thinking about what exactly I'll go looking for but rest assured I'll find something to amuse and satiate my need to own stuff.

In the past, since the last post, I have also become one with my inner conflictionary - and have decided that I am giving up that need for conflict. In the absence of that drive consumerism has taken over and has been constantly at war with my inner scrooge. Scrooge is winning, funnily enough, so I see no harm in indulging the consumer with some window shopping. At worst I buy a lot of things, at best I get a day out, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a new pair of sneakers. All things I actually need. Keeping to the do-I-really-need-it mentality has been keeping money in the bank. Of course all that personal do goodery is making my outward pessimist panic and things I can't control are generally on the worst case scenario tip -> but it's all good.

Keep blogging.
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