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18 January 2009

your a heartbreaker dream taker :
There was a time I was confident that whenever something happened to me that if I went to a doctor and told them it would get fixed or at least they'd figure out what it was that was wrong. After 4 plus months of bouncing from GP to neurologist to Eye specialist to ER to MRI and back, I am convinced that only people who have few interesting things going on are actually doctors and that they spend years learning only how to be contemptuous and dismissive. Out of all the appointments I have had to PAY to get to because of Ottawa's beyond STUPID transit strike, all I have to show for my illness is a variety of forms saying that after looking at me I have been pronounced not ill.

We're not talking about being tested here, we're talking about having a drunk test (walk in a straight line, hold your hands out and touch your nose, jump on one foot test) and a reflex test done I have been told that I am not suffering migraines, numbness in my hands feet and face, buzzing in my ears, nausea, dizziness, burning pain in my eyes, eye sockets and hands and arms, seizures in my right hand, jaw spasticity and facial ticks at all. In short I'm suffering unrelated symptoms and have been told that my problems are psychological. I have seen a shrink who says I don't need to see him either because I am not suffering psychologically.

To add to my joy I was forced back to work during this scary time, by the insurance company because the stroke neuro says I didn't have a stroke and the MS neuro says I don't have MS (PS from both - DON'T COME BACK) - while NOTHING else has been examined at all as a cause. I went to my GP friday to be told there's nothing he can do and no he won't test me for anything because I had some blood tests done on or before September last year and I was fine then so I don't need it. Well I'm worse now then I was then soI DO NEED IT. I got so mad I stormed out of his office. He told me if I wanted something done about the seizures I have in my right hand and arm that last for about 2 hours each and leave me unable to use my arm for the better part of 24 hours after - then I had better call the neuros I had already seen and ask if they can be bothered to see me again. I went there thinking that even if he couldn't do anything he would at least pretend that this was a) IMPORTANT NEWS, B) SCARY to me and not to be smirked at and c) say he would get me into a neuro to get this checked out. Apparently proactivity from a doctor these days is ABNORMAL. If I advance from focal to Grand Mal seizures he will believe me. And he also accused me of lying about wht the shrink said, saying "I haven't gotten his report yet so I don't know what he said."

If there is a lawyer out ther reading this can I sue any and all of these freaks for their inability to look for a reason that after 37.5 years of never having these issue I am having them? Can I sue for frustration and plain old malpractice? I can't believe out of the lot of them only one Doctor has found anythig out of the usual and he is an opthamologist. Not the one I expected to believe me after all this or to work hard to determine what the issue is.

I totally hate Doctors all together now and IF it turns out they missed something severe I will sue, that will wipe the smirks and attitudes right out of their universe ( I hope but probably not).

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 2:29 PM

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