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25 July 2008

don't you want me baby? :
It's bee a long time, so long I can't remember when I last wrote here and it wasn't intentional either I've just been trying really hard to do other things and ended up neglecting the blog. Poor blog. But now I'm back. At least for now.

Nothing overly exciting has been going on. I am told by my stat counter that people still come here to see if I wrote anything. I appologise to you all for not saying boo for so long, however I got in the way and now I'm trying to get back to being out of the way of the blog. We'll see how that goes.

The most exciting things I have done lately is make a budget, adhere to a budget and freak out about all the thousands I owe to my now totally found Student Loans. If I could have held out I may have had better things happen but in the interest of being honest I looked for them and am realizing now that truly they will never be paid off, and I don't have a job in my field either. Hot damn.

I went to my own double feature today. I love ABBA so I went to see Mama Mia. I love Meryl Streep and the cheesy over the topness didn't grate too much, but damn Pierce can't sing. Don't forget to watch the end credits, they're a a hoot. It's an all signing all dancing ABBA fest that is a little unrepentant in it's lusty willingness to drag out any ABBA song that may fit the bill. Granted mostly it's girls singing, so the men when they do sing are noticeable and easy to pinpoint. I happen to think Christine Baranski and Julie Walters little solos are genius, especially since the majority of the movie is Streep or Amanda Seyfried centric. Not everyone is an agile singer in this one, and that's ok. Seyfried sounds like a pop princess, Streep reminds me of Broadway with her

I didn't go to see that though, I went to see the Xfiles. I couldn't not go. It's a show I still watch today on DVD, and I really like the characters. Despite there being an obvious aging of the people involved I quite liked it. It's a good thriller that conforms to the genre and precepts of the show. Scully's grating waffling not withstanding, I know every time the case is faith based she has some weird allergic reaction to Mulder and or the situation and wants to pack it all in, so I sat there and watched that allegory for the umpteenth time and waited for the plot to progress. Progress it did, and yeah you can say some of it is contrived and forced and possibly done to end the series once and for all. But it was still action, adventure, bitchiness, perception, gore and freakishness - totally Xfiles to me. Go see it, if you like the show at all you like the movie.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 6:45 PM

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