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29 January 2010

I heard the news today Oh Boy :
Err well rather we all heard the news Monday. Our crappy call center is closing and all the jobs are moving to the Philippines. My funny meter went off when it was announced that not only are the phone agents, whom management have run into the ground with glee - were getting canned, but management themselves are also getting axed. It's the first time I've seen any of them acting like human beings rather then royalty and it's a nice change. Well most of them are.

Of course I've been looking half heartedly for a job in non call center work for months now and have achieved not even an interview. I'm stepping up my applications but now I have 800+ known people competing with me for most jobs, not including all the other unknown unemployed in the city. Supposedly the City Council is lobbying to keep the jobs, but unless they are willing to give us a city contract and accept by and large we are unilingual then I doubt they will help at all, it's just a press drive for them.

It's no secret that we here can't compete with places like the Philippines for a companies profit margin. Our Minimum wage is high, so is the cost of living. My rent went up January 1st. Milk Eggs and Bread have just gone up at the stores nearest me as well. So I cannot afford for a cut in my wages so the company I work for can increase their profits from the company they contract to, which if we are honest is all the move is about. When the dollar was lower it was easier for American company A to have us take calls for American Company B and now the dollar is higher ( although not as high as it was earlier on) and doesn't seem to be taking anose dive Company A says gee we can make a lot more money if we take this call center over here where we pay out less of what we get to take the calls. So that is what they did. Leaving 800+ indispensable people in their wake.

As a worker bee, someone who actually deals with the clients on a daily basis, I have been constantly made aware of how dispensible I am. It's a little happy making thing to see the management that like to throw around 'fired for (this)' now whining and sobbing about how unjust it is they too are getting tossed out like the rest of us. It makes me happy because they needed to be cut off, they have ridiculously high salaries compared to us and do nothing but go to coffee all day long and talk down to us about how they understand how hard the job is but we have to jump through this hoop and that just to maybe gat an extra .25 cents next pay. And let us not forget if it seems too many can achieve that they'll just alter the stats to make sure they don't, since the actual structure of the 'incentive' is no formally written, passed down or incorporated it can be changed at any time to make sure the company gives the front liners a little as possible.

Greed. It will kill a business everytime. This time it killed us and next time it could kill you. I can't decide if I want to work for someone else or start my own business at this point. I do have the skills to pull it off but I'm a bit scared and have no one to support me in my waffling about my abilities. That alone could keep me stagnant for years, let me tell you! In the mean time I am working on that blog move and redesign and IF you are still following me after last year I will be back. Better and more organised :) We can hope right :) Keep blogging.
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