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13 January 2008

your silver grin, sticking it in :
There is always someone who is going to resent what you have.  People are jealous creatures.  Whether they resent your status, fame, wealth, brains, beauty or material goods someone out there thinks they are better and more deserving then you of everything.  There are names for these people.  Climbers, reachers, wannabes.  What ever you call them, you know at least one and you know someone who they have targeted as the object of their derision.

Of course it's possible that they have more then one target, or that everyone they talk to they then turn around and talk about with something negative to say.  There are people who are just negative about everything and everyone and then there are the trash talkers, the ones who never have anything good to say about anyone because it makes them feel better.  Let's face it, unless we don't speak and are socially retarded, we've all engaged in trash talking at some point - about people we do and don't know.  This is also known as gossip.

There are people out there who will be nice to you your whole life, just to talk about you behind your back.  They will deny it to your face too.  Then there are those that will tell you to your face what they say behind your back, which is nice because it cuts the lying - but most people won't believe it anyways. 

There will always be people in your life who want to know about you so they can take that information and use it to 'inform' others in a gossipy fashion, highlighting and or totally distorting what ever you may have actually said.  People talk, and people love to talk about other people.  There are entire businesses built upon that idea.  Tabloids anyone?  The simple fact is that the only way no one will ever say anything about you to anyone is if they A don't know you or B are dead, otherwise, at some point, they're going to say something.  It may not be nice, it may not be something you want to hear - but if you're lucky they will be your friend and telling you whatever they may to someone else.  Otherwise, well you've just risen in the ranks of the tabloids.

Keep blogging.

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