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From the ghost land of the easy life.

25 January 2008

i just needed someone to talk to you were far too busy with yourself :
I hate moving.  All the packing and sorting and throwing stuff out.  I've been bruising my hands carrying stuff around, breaking my nails and generally being surprised how easy it is to get rid of years of collective crap.  I took all my old journals, the bitchy whiny shit I've been hauling around because it seemed so important to remember what happened and I shredded it all.  It was all the same, really.  Years and years of blithering.  Not one awesome thing to say, nothing profound.  I've given all that up so I got rid of that too.  Who did what to who, what I perceived to be going on.  Who gives a shit?  Not me anymore.

Of course I've still got tonnes of stuff to lug around.  I have reams of poetry no one reads.  I'll eventually get it all online but lately I've not had the time or taste for it.  Half my family isn't talking to me.  My sister went through her bi-annual I hate you's  by picking a fight on the phone with me, hanging up when I refused to answer her then she emailed me with the intent of ruining my birthday - to tell me how I ruined her life and how I hate her.  I've heard this all before and I just don't care.  She says she's happy and has moved on, I call Bullshit and she stops talking to me.  Oh well.  This is nothing new.

The new stuff is way more freaky.  Aside from having 3 dinners for my birthday I actually got a present.  I lost my hat during one dinner, but I found it a few days later so it's really all good.  The really FREAKY part is that apparently my dead ex husband (did I mentioned I laughed maniacally about that?) didn't take me off his RSP and I have inherited it.  I don't know if it was an oversight, that he figured that since he drained the other one if there was anything to transfer it would go to a new account or if it was on purpose regardless of the account, or he just didn't think of it and never took my name off the account.  Either way I now have more savings locked in then before.  I now need to get that stuff updated.  I need to get there and fix up my name and stuff.  We aren't married and he's dead, I sure don't want to keep his name now.  Not that I did before, but I need a push because I'm kinda lazy about these little details.  This just really shows you why you shouldn't be.

I've been making changes, big and small.  I chopped all my hair off and now have a funky shag which I'm loving.  I'm committed to losing even more weight in the new year, even without a gym membership I've been doing ok so I now have access to 11 flights of stairs I can take and I'm looking into aquafit classes, I love to swim so why not?

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 9:44 PM

MenTal fUrbAll