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From the ghost land of the easy life.

15 July 2005

senses working overtime :
DISCLAIMER: I have a seriously lousy sense of smell. This you need to know to explain a. how heinous it smelled outside the other day
b. why I love garlic, and the honey roaste garlic chips didn't smell at all like it c. it is amazing to me that I can discern scents from air I breath
d. BE AFRAID if I bring you something from the fridge and say "smell this and tell me if it's bad."

Since cookie and foilwoman did it I deceided to do it too. It's in no particular order, like I even know what that is :)

Top 10 PG fave sensory experiences:

10) getting into sheets/clothes right out of and still warm from the dryer

9) the music of the song Purple Rain, I can name that tune after 2 notes - it's just part of my soul

8) the first bite of a dark chocolate rum ball from Godiva chocolatiers - gives me tingles

7) the smell of cologne/anxiety/lust that comes off your first date guy while you're dancing in a club

6) the feeling that comes over me whenever someone says they like my writing - I'm always sincerely grateful because I'm amazed anyone reads it

5) the way my mouth tingles, the hair on my arms stands up and the way my mind goes blank when I'm watching a lightening storm

4) going to the theatre to see a movie and really enjoying it

3) laughing so hard I can't breatheand or cry/snort/cover my mouth I'm so loud

2) lying down watching the stars/aurora borealis

1) steaming - when it's just cold enough outside (for wahtever reason) that your breath comes out as steam - I always notice it and laugh a bit and suddenly start paying a lot of attention to my breathing and where I am what I'm doing and what it's like outside - really puts me in the now

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