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26 October 2008

well i loooked all over the world :
I have a love hate relationship with doctors. I know there is something wrong with me, I go to the doctor. A lot of the time I'm told I'm wrong and sent off with a different diagnosis or remedy for what I'm told is ailing me. Over the years it's been ok but now that I am having some very atypical issues, it's kinda annoying. I saw Dr. Quack the stroke neurologist Monday and he basically made fun of me. I spent more time talking to the nurse and intern then to him, and when we did speak he didn't really look at me, he had an entire conversation with my knees.

The bottom line, or his anyways, was I didn't have a stroke so he wasn't interested. To sum up he said I didn't really have migraines I had tension headaches, that I kept getting headaches because I took medication to get rid of them and to stop that and suffer with it. Also according to him my hands face and feet are numb because I have carpal tunnel and my eye issues can be chalked up to bad glasses so I should get my prescription updated.

I had the EMG where they basically zap you with varying degrees of voltage to see how the nerve conducts, and it really hurt at the high end and on the 'funny' bone, but the testers assessment is that I DO NOT have carpal tunnel in the least. Take that Dr. Quack. My family Dr. desperately wants me to have an MRI and I have an appointment with a neurologist the 20th November - this one is supposed to be a headache Dr., and if that doesn't work out I have an appointment at the Headache Clinic in March to see another headache Dr. because DR. Quack believes in referrals so I got referred right away from him alright.

In the meantime I am well disappointed that I don't know what's going on yet. I was hoping I'd get lucky and know something by now but nope. And of course the insurance people are screwing me around for my short term, apparently everyone thinks I should go to work and leave sick everyday thereby ensuring I get paid even less then the stupid sick pay, because then no one would have to do any work over there at Sunlife. I don't think they work much anyways since returning calls is the easiest thing to do and they don't. I really love not being able to work and panicking about being evicted because they think it's funny to send me 100$ a week, which is less then waht I make in a day at work.

I'm going to go cry. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:59 AM

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