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01 January 2008

does that make me too normal for you :
Happy New Year.

17 days until my birthday, 30 days until I can officially move out of the house and into my 500+ square feet of living alone goodness.  It's nice to know I won't have anyone to deal with but me and the psycho dog, however I worry that the psycho dog will not handle the change well and will bark constantly when I'm not home and get me in trouble with the land lord.  It's a small concern but one I am willing to live with.

I am probably going to be throwing out the coffee table and entertainment unit that I have, because the table is broke down and the entertainment unit is too big for my wee 20 inch tv.  I need something higher off the ground and, well, something I like.  There is one at Canadian Tire on sale that I'm coveting, and I may buy it even if it is not still on sale when I get paid because I want something I LIKE.  I'm not that hard to please, I'm just not that into the one I have is all.  We'll see what happens. 

I have to call and get some more information about the place.  Like what is my buzzer number and post box going to be and if I can move in a day or 2 earlier to get a small (if they will give me one at all in the "off season") moving discount.  I have to get on getting my mail forwarded and my services changed.  I have to cancel the Rogers internet service as it's crap and too expensive.  Hopefully that doesn't lead them to turning off my phone service, because even thought the line is all crackly the basic long distance is cheap.  This should be an interesting start the year.  Wish me well.

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