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18 December 2007

i've become impossible holding onto when everything seemed to matter more :
I'm tired.  Working nights and having limited days to run out and get tings done is leaving me slightly sleep deprived.  I have things to do like pack and sort and throw out, and I have to go cancel my gym membership and I can't plan that accordingly because people keep fucking off. 
If I haven't mentioned it we have mice at the house now.  My ex-roommates have decided not telling me what is happening with the exterminators and everything else is the best way to go.  In keeping with that I have decided not to bother them with stuff they should know either.  Like the gas bill is 123.44.  I haven't seen the hydro bill yet, but guess what - my name isn't on the gas bill which means I'm not responsible for it.  Of course I'll pay it. 

It's getting close to Christmas and as much as I'd love to bliss out at a theater watching cheesy movies like AVP-R and I Am Legend (I read this book because I have a thing for vampires and love Richard Matheson).  I am working instead because being paid for the holidays is fine, being paid for them and working them is so much better when I have to hire movers and all that fun moving in February crap.  I can't remember what the apartment I rented looks like now and I'm sorta freaking out.  I have no storage and I'm thinking I have too much stuff to move into that place.  But there is no way I can be separated from my stereo components and Vinyl LP's and 45's.  Even the cassette tapes are coming, screw the outdated technology - I can't afford to actually replace all that stuff so it's coming with.

In the spirit of the season people are getting more introverted, that means that there's more of the dreaded telling you what ever to make you go away syndrome.  Also more of the back up friendship virus flowing around.  Watch yourself, the holidays are a depressing time of year because human frailty is exacerbated by the rampant and apparent lies of convenience that abound in this season.  It's the time to have faith in your fellow man, and that means that you're going to be more disappointed then if you were a cynical non believer.  People let you down, that's life so move on.

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