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16 December 2007

gonna close my eyes gonna watch you go :
Sometimes you just know somethings wrong, even before you hear it.  Often times I know something's coming before it happens, that leaves me prepared and at ease.  It's always good not to have to guess.  Being a good student of people and learning their tells and traits leads to knowing them and predicting their behaviour.  Once in a while I'd rather be surprised, it'd be better then being right all the time.

It fascinates me to watch people do the same thing over and over, as if the human condition leads to a predisposition to never learn from one's mistakes.  I do it too, don't get me wrong, but I know I'm doing it or know I did it again and I don't say oops either.  I don't find it cutesy to shrug things off, to shirk responsibility.  I write a lot of stuff on this blog that is built up of bits and pieces of conversations I have everyday.  Some days everything everyone says can build up and bug you, to relieve that stress I have this blog.  I don't have a tonne of understanding friends, being a gypsy doesn't allow for that really; but I have this blog and the limited readership.  It makes a difference to vent, even if no one ever reads it or identifies with it. 

In getting ready to move to new digs, I'm getting overwhelmed with getting rid of the useless.  The stuff I never used, don't need or want or care to move around.  Funny how moving makes you think of your friends.  How if you had to make a list how many of them you'd want to take anywhere and have fun with anytime.  How many of them would just be a hassle, wouldn't play nice with others and just really aren't friends.  It's the season to be festive, and sometimes the best gift you can give someone else is the gift of giving them exactly what they want.

All the people out there that I know who have been good to me this year, thank you muchly.  We may not spend any time together again, now I'm a graveyard worker again, but you have helped me out and I thank you.  To all the readers, thanks for reading.  More things will improve here and even on the poetry blog I swear!

Keep blogging.
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