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06 November 2007

where the honesty of fear makes a battle like a song :
They are going as of the 24th.  People have generally been upset for me that this is happening.  No one has said to me that they are right for black mailing me into staying in the townhouse, which is nice.  It's nice to get backed up in my indignation.  I just wish they would leave already.  Instead they are everywhere.  Trying to eavesdrop on my phone calls, figure out what I'm doing, where I'm going and asking me to tell them what I intend to do in their wake.

See they are taking the phone, cable and internet with them.  Originally the cable and internet were staying but now it's fuck me (some more) time and it's all going.  Regardless that I paid to have the damn stuff hooked up here I am getting nothing out of it's move.  I suggested (in a moment of insanity) that the remaining bills be put in my name.  Thankfully they don't want to do that should I leave and have all that pesky hydro and gas turned off.  If they don't do that, I can not bother to pay if it comes to that or me eating.   Letting them come up with the funds to keep their names in the good is not something I currently have a problem with, though I may later.

They are in full creep mode currently.  I have paranoia about what they are doing when I'm not home.  Mostly I worry things will be missing when they leave, also they ignore the dog to the point he is peeing in the house because no one lets him out which makes me angry.  Other then that, things are totally the same.  They are slobs.  He doesn't want to pack so she had to arrange to leave the company a week earlier.  When they are both home they try to keep an eye on me to figure out what I'm doing.  I'm not telling them shit though, so I'm kinda stressing the secret agent angle.

Both of them pretty much lie around when they are home.  He's so depressed he is sick now and she's stressed out because (I Hope) she is worried that he doesn't really want this.  It doesn't seem he does since he isn't even making an effort to get into going to bed early and getting up early, which he will need to do for this new job.  With him already off there is approximately 1 week where the only person making money for them will be her.  Since they are both buying crap like it's going out of style, that will be an issue I'm sure.  Mostly because they are going into credit card debt as I type, to get all the things done that are suddenly so important.  Not my debt though, so I say keep digging that hole!

To help me out with "my"debt, they are constantly running the heat at the house so I will have a giant gas bill when they leave.  They insist it will come in before they leave, I think they lie.  Because they do.  I can hope they will have to pay for it before they leave.  Either way they will have to pay for it.

Keep blogging.

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