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From the ghost land of the easy life.

23 November 2007

is the world still spinning round :
If it's not one thing it's another. The assholes are still in the
building. Due to their preference for sitting on their asses instead
of packing, they are not ready fro the movers to come tomorrow. They
are instead, going to pay 500 for movers and move a whole bunch of
stuff themselves in the car they rented for the weekend. Since I have
to be at work I can not help but obsess about what stuff of mine may
be migrating with them, the conscienceless bastards they are.

I need to obsess since I walked in yesterday and found out that for
shits and giggles they wrote the landlord demanding to be let out of
the lease since the landlord still hasn't (as of 2 pm today) installed
a new furnace and we have had snow for 3 days now. The 4800 watt 220
volt space heaters we are using to warm the place aren't really all
that effective. I can't even tell you the fear the hydro bill
engenders and all I get from people is the bored look these days.
Well I'm sorry but I don't see any of you lot sitting in an near
abandoned townhouse and wondering if you'll be homeless in 2 months.
I am not complaining to win the shittiest life game - I always win. I
am complaining to vent. I need people to be on my side, not joining
the pitty party as I'm sure they see it - but to try to understand how
much this sucks.

I had plans, I was finally getting things together and now I'm sitting
around waiting for realators to get back to me, to get my credit
report, to know IF I WILL BE HOMELESS 1 Feb. No one really
understands that part. Everyone is busy wanting to stay away from
sad, mad angry old me. Everyone wants to think happy thoughts and
plan fro the holidays and all I can think is how I wanted to have that
credit card by now. I wanted to be excited about putting up MY tree
and decorating my new place and all I do have to look forward to is
endless visits from the assholes who feel it's their duty to check up
on me since they are the only REAL lease holders and I'm just the one
living there so what I want doesn't count. AS USUAL.

I'm really tired of the bad. Can it stop now? Can't I have something
nice for Christmas. Please??

Keep Blogging.

ghost writer Ambrrrr at 6:52 PM

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