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31 October 2007

you don't have to tell me what you did i already know :
My asshole roommates took that job. Then they wen tot work and told everyone about it but me. They waited until I got home that night because I, the person they're trying to leave living here paying for everything, was not important enough to tell. To add insult to injury they are now quietly going about doing things so I don't know what's happening until it's done. They had the cable moved without telling me today until it was done. They told me 2 days ago I could keep it because they have cable there already, basic at least. They didn't want me to change the precious package so it's gone now. Mostly because bitch covets my digital converter box.

They expect me to stay here and pay all the bills myself, they'll pay their part of the rent only. I can get a roommate if I want. Because that has worked out SO WELL in the past for me. Nobody fucking cares that my staying here and paying all the bills and having to get cable, phone and internet for myself effective makes it so there is NO WAY I can save money to move by the time the lease is up in April. A monster house like this and we have no idea how much the heat is going to be and I have to pay it all myself. GREAT.

I've called housing twice begging for emergency housing, the aren't calling back. No one wants to co sign for me to get an apartment so I'm screwed. The fucking asshole roommates will do it only IF a) they can break the lease here before the end of April or b)if at the end of April I have NOWHERE else to go. I'm basically living out my worst financial nightmare on Halloween and no one cares. The roommates think I owe it to them to stay here and pay for everything. People at work think I should just take off though no one is willing to help in the escape. Everyone wants to tell me how shitty this is. That I'm stuck in the middle of all this because they couldn't be decent and straight up and tell me what was going on, before anything happened.

That helps about 1% with the misery, but does nothing for the blinding panic that has me breaking out in tears at my desk at work or walking anywhere these days. I have NOTHING. No supplies to live alone, I 'sold' it all before moving here. "sold" because the bitch canceled the cheque to pay me for it so I didn't do anything but what I always do -> trust someone and get taken advantage of.

In desperation I put my mangled credit rating online to try to get into a nearby apartment. I await the response shortly -> the glaringly obvious NO we can't rent to you 2.5 years into bankruptcy me.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 1:48 PM

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