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25 October 2007

sweetheart bitterheart now i can tell you apart :
I've been cruising the boulevard of broken promises and shattered hopes. Dead dreams lay all over the place and the name of the day is to spill placations and platitudes to ignore that someone else has something going on.

It seems my roommates are lying liars who LIE. After telling me they weren't going to apply for this job (that they are in NO way qualified for or able to do (slobs being maintenance people?)) they not only did apply but have consistently lied about everythhing happening with the job since.

Now I have no credit being 2.5 years bankrupt so this freaks me the fuck out and all anyone is willing to do is say it'll be fine. I had to apply to the housing registry because they are the only p;ace that doesn't really care about your credit rating and even then I'm subject to credit checks once I get a place because all they deal with here are coops and I could very well not get anywhere to live at all. Does any one care? It doesn't appear so. I could be forced into a shelter if my roommates take off as it seems they may, and all I get is the uncomfortable side ways glances of those who can't be culled from the comfort zone to give a damn. No one even wants to help. I've gone from being the charity project to the dirty secret no one wants to think about.

All I can think is how I hate moving. I used to love it. I actually have had 1.5 addresses for every year I've been alive and I want it to stop. I thought this deal here was going to be ok, but they're selfish slobs who have decided whether they move or not I should go. So I'm back to trying to find a place to live, save first and lasts, get clothes for winter, train the dog, go to the gym, make friends, have a life, go to work, clean the house and listen to everyone go don't worry be happy.

Umm fuck you.

If it was the other way around I'd help you out> I can't tell you how many time when I had credit I cosigned for people. I got about a 50/50 return. I person did me right and the other stiffed me with the bill. No one will even consider doing that for me and I have a full time job I pretty much can't lose. It's nice to know I'm so untrustworthy no one will cut me a break.

Yeah it's the piss and moan blog. Get used to it.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 10:33 PM

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