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02 October 2007

i have been saving smiles for you :
Have you ever owned a previously abused pet? Sure they love you to bits and they do so well for a week or weeks and then they go schizo and you're back at square one with training again. I have owned several abused pets. I like the downtrodden, it explains my exes too. Currently I don't have enough time to go to the gym and alleviate my guilt at having a life outside of my codependent dog so I haven;t been tot he gym. I'm going today because I need to go. Fuck it. My little carpet pisser will just have to survive without me while I go sweat to my mp3 player.

Then I get to come home and clean as no one else really does. The kitchen hasn't been swept or mopped in weeks, neither have the stairs or hallways. My roommate told me the other night he'd just been cleaning when I got home but you can't tell what with everything lying around like it was exactly when I left. If I wait for them to do it it never gets done so I do it and I get pissed because it seems they just expect it to get done wile doing nothing at all except playing Wii. They're soooooo broke but they bought a Wii. Whatever.

I did get picked to have a picture I took put on an online guide book. If you go to Schmap.com under Top destinations - North America click Ottawa, under Directory, Reviews & Photos click Hotels & Lodging, under By District pick Downtown and find The Lord Elgin hotel. I took that daytime picture, and I didn't get paid to have it shown but they did ask so I'm telling all.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:45 AM

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