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28 October 2007

can i face the day when i'm tortured in my trust :
It seems given enough time, I will hear everything.  People are currently in a rush to share every shred of gossip with me, that they have heard about my situation.  Even the lying liars who lie are getting sloppy(er) in their betrayals.

I came home last night to a house that had no lights on in the living room and opened the door to find the lights suddenly on on the girl friend of my married roommate walking straight at me.  If they were any less transparent in that cover up they would have been naked.  As it was the farce proceeded to their ordering food and pissing off the wife by not ordering her any.

For the wife's part she's decided to try to make friends with the girlfriend, which she steadfastly denies is his girl friend because he would never do that.  But he is doing just that, even if it's not about sex he's having an emotional affair with that girl and his wife just whines about how their sex life went.  Do I care that this is going on?  Not really.

I've told her what's being said at work about them and I've even warned her that this girls doesn't care about who she goes with, as long as she gets what she wants everyone is fair game.  All the wife can see is that this girl is fat and that makes her non threatening.  What an idiot.  In the mean time they're possibly grooming the big mistake to be the new roommate when I'm gone, and I say go for it.  It's a disaster waiting to happen and I'm so glad to not be there to watch.

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