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13 June 2007

wondering about you :
It some times happens that you find yourself rethinking a situation and wonder ing how you missed a piece of the picture you now see. It's like watching a movie and not noticing the central character, that's how apparent this 'discovery' seems to you. Yet until it hit you, you were oblivious. Well maybe not totally oblivious.

There are lots of different kinds of people out there. You have your competitive talkers and they are always better then you. You have those people that try too hard to be liked and annoy the hell out of everyone and then there are the rarer breeds like the socially inconsistent and the fugly frienders. I seem to have found a fugly friender and I'm the fugly as far as that person is concerned. I didn't catch on to it until I was basically hit over the head with it and now I'm kinda miffed. I'm hardly fugly, just fat thank you very much.

Now there is a whole class of person out there the makes friends solely based on how good said person can make them look. They are often known as social climbers. There is the particular subset that specifically trolls for people they think are looks deficient and therefore will make them seem better looking, taller, smarter, thinner and what have you. It's pretty hard not to see that behaviour once you've caught on to it. And what do you do about it? It's not the same as having a slobby roommate who you tolerate to keep the peace or the rent paid, this is supposed to be your friend and they really are only your pal because they think you make them look like Giselle by comparison. It kinda makes my skin crawl.

So what do you do? What do you say? Do you just try to fade away and hope they don't notice?

Keep blogging.
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