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05 June 2007

'cos all these little deals go down with little consequences, we share :
But do we really share? Is it sharing when one person seemingly does little work and the other pick up the slack? When you agree to pay 1/3 of everything in the new place and get roped into paying for the old as well. When is it ok to say hold the phone you need to pick up after yourself. You are not pulling your weight or carrying your load when you don't do X and I'm not paying this percentage because it's not a bill for here? I think can be some of the biggest modern roommate mysteries surrounding the nice girl that is me.

I do get along quite better with my new roommates. To say that they are slobs is wrong, they aren't any messier then I can be but to say that the level of clean here is what it was with the Kids is wrong. It isn't the same and we've already suffered through the possible invasion of cockroaches parts one and two since being told to throw the microwave, where they were found living at the old place wasn't quite motivation enough to get rid of it. Now we have a new microwave and a lot of groaning about how much longer it takes to cook food the the old one did. Oh well.

It's been an interesting transitions and there has been a lot of rain lately so we get that whole closed quarters thing going on and all. I'm going to be moving my blog soon but I don't know when and I got offended when it was implied, after all the work I put into this site, that I'm not actually a web page designer. Just because it's all stolen and modified code doesn't mean I didn't work hard on this site!! There I said it.

In the mean time I think the season finales sucked ass. I'm tired of the emotionally manipulated Christina and Meredith's giving up all the time and wondering why people give up on her. I'm wondering why they gave Dean only a year to live - is that all Supernatural has left? I'm sick of lost and don't care if they don't all make it off the island anymore, whiners and cheats can fuck off. Doesn't matter to me that ER cut off Shane West's legs or that Gilmour Girls got cancelled. I'm still pissed Drive got the axe and FOX really needs to take it's head out of it's ass before no one watches their channel anymore.

I'm kinda wondering WTF about NCIS. I can't figure out exactly who's setting who up there. Is it Tony being set up or is he a plant? Does Gibbs know anything and if so is that why he keeps calling Ziva off? No big deaths or anything, though this show prefers to kill the characters off into the season following. AND PLEASE can anyone tell me why I should care that Sarah is stuck under a car in the desert somewhere? They have a homicidal maniac lose and they're all talking to strangers - these people lack common sense. Seriously. Grissom, dude, throw the secret out there when you dare to admonish all your co workers for potential office romances. Double standard much? And way to blow the down low too. Fool. That show's taking the piss with trying to figure out what characters almost deaths will get us watching. Maybe her funeral will draw more people.

It was nice that they revisited Lady Heather even if they left the relationship all arid and creepy. I mean come on can't Grissom have a friendly relationship with anyone where he doesn't have to come off seeming all psychic friends and saving the day by reuniting them with lost loves. It took a while to get there for that one I admit, but maybe too long since the original arc was how many seasons ago?

In the mean time I'm catching up on How I met Your Mother and re watching some Joan of Arcadia and trying to be all the bleach blonde I can be. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 4:47 PM

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