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22 April 2007

she puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair :
Anyone on facebook can read this now and I don't think it's making a damn bit of difference to my traffic, but that's what I get for post like 3 times a month for an entire quarter right?

Well everyone knows I'm moving (you didn't? Now you do.) and as such I've been going through my crap getting rid of the crap I don't really need at all. There is so much of it too. I'm sitting here now with this supposed boar's hair brush I got a dew years back. I'm pretty sure it's not really boars hair and I'm also pretty sure that in the 2 times I've used it since I bought it I won't miss it if it's gone. So where do all the things I'm parting with go? To a certain extent they go to my friends. I give a lot of it away as I don't mind giving it to people who will use it. In the mean time I'm conflicted and wondering what to do with these things that I know logically I don't need and barely use. What is the point of keeping that shit?

Ok so now I have to unpack something because I obviously need ti get rid of because cool as it was and all I don't need it and it's not like I'm stuck with it as I'm stuck with this lousy frigging sinus cold-allergy attack I'm suffering with.

Speaking of suffering I got home from John Mayer, yahoo wee he should done more songs I say!!!, to find my door barricaded with the boxes I had stored in the basement. I couldn't even get the the handle of the door as the boxes were shoved against it and piled on top of one another. I was forced to rearrange my room at midnight to get them out of the hallway so that I was not going to be accused of blockading the bathroom form others, even though technically I didn't do that they did because my bedroom door is directly across from he bathroom door.

I left a white board not telling them that before they do me any favours they need to ask if I need a favour. Surprisingly dip shit and fuck head's only response to that was to ignore me all day yesterday and today. Amen, hallelujah.

Keep blogging.
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