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06 April 2007

ooh e ooh ah ah bim bam walla balla bim bam :
I learned today that all the electric heaters upstairs are on the same breaker and that the landlords had turned that breaker off preventing us from turning on the heat when it got down to -12 with the windchill. Anyone wonder why I'm moving and there's not an ounce of love lost here.

It's Easter weekend and surprisingly enough Google calendar doesn't list Good Friday as a Canadian holiday, it's only listed on the American holiday calendar. Piss me off. I did not check other countries to see if the same held true for anywhere else, I just checked those 2 because I can never remember when Easter is and since I'm an hourly employee I get stat pay so I always want to know when the statutory holidays are. Not because I want to work them, it's better if I do but I get paid pretty much the same no matter what.

I got sick off of a meal replacement drink the other day, nothing like having food poisoning from a canned liquid snack. I was still wonky yesterday but I'm better today. Tomorrow I shop, it's the only day I have off that the shops are open this weekend. I do now have all weekends off for a couple of months, as I took a 7pm-3.30 am shift to get a static schedule. Ah the things I do for stability.

I'm a little tripped out that I'm getting a new house, new roommates, new furniture and a newer lease on life in just 21 short days. It's very freaky to me. Very freaky.

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