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15 April 2007

it's only when I lose myself in someone else that i find myself :
The least fun thing about packing is tinning out the masses of crap that your pack rat genes have encouraged you to store and transport with you over the days/weeks/months/years. Of course the rampant procrastination that goes with almost anything I plan in the long term. I procrastinate because I am essentially very lazy. At least right now I am. Procrastination is a form of world control as I feel things are slightly beyond my power and going with the flow, the actual day to day flow, still doesn't come naturally to this recovering A type.

The good news is we passed the 2 week mark and the official countdown to a new residence happens now. Of course I'm all trying to figure out how I'm going to have a separate space that doesn't feel too invaded by sharing. After all it seems kind of clear that the two households are going to be distinct in their contradictions. For instance the full sized bright orange throw I bought today fits me to a tee and garnered looks of death from the soon to be roommates. Oh well I'm not so crazy about your taste either so na na.

I'm being boring because it is the only way I know to get by without spending money. When the weather is depressing and I'm left to my own devices I tend toward retail therapy and at this point in time there is really nothing I need and really nothing I want so if I don't go out and tempt fate I can't feel bad about spending money on nothing I have to have.

I filled Friday with Drive. I watched it for Nathan Fillion and fast cars, mind you the fast cars are not so much an issue at this point. It seems to be a decent show and gives my DVR a Friday reason to live. I'm reserving judgement on the show until we get a bit further in because somethings are not adding up and I want to make the mental connections myself. In other news if you didn't see Juliet coming on LOST you were also totally surprised by Micheal and may never have watched tv before, ever. I keep hearing the final episodes are going to rock and so far I have failed to be even slightly amused since Desmond's groundhog day revelations. I'm hoping the Season finale of Heroes will come off a sight better then most of the 'fabulously exciting' episodes I've seen of everything else lately. As a tv viewer I'm less then impressed by what's on these days and that's a hard thing for me to say as I love tv, we go way back. Yet we may be breaking up. At least until I get the fog of ideas in my head clears out and can focus on it again. Except for Drive. A little speed a little hot assed guys and I'm there.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 8:11 PM

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