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From the ghost land of the easy life.

24 April 2007

it's a high price for your luxury baby :
I think I really hate people with short attention spans. It's spring, time again for the online dating I do to make myself remember why I like being a woman and that even geek girls can get laid more then geek guys. Still there's that endless barrage of idiots who feel that the most compelling thing that can offer is to sleep with me? Really, you have a dick and that's it? It's kind of weird how unappealing that can be when there is nothing else on the table.

But it's not just the "wannafuck?" thing. It's the prelavence of the chat speak, the u 2 4 crap that makes the profile claims of employed and educated seem like utter bullshit. You are educated and you 1) can't remember who I am (there are so many girls you're trying to get with you fake player) and 2) you can't string a sentence together without using some annoying short form to make your self seem uber cool then 3) fuck off.

We were talking about how dating and personality are mutually exclusive. I don't think so. You have to show your personality to get a date, somewhat, and that can be the easiest way to lose me. Why? because I'm not interseted in just picking you up, that doesn't really involve any conversation at all. I actually prefer not talking to you if it's a fuck and run, because it kills the fantasy of the one night stand. Since all the guys of late puport to want a relationship (yea they think that's better then quickie, booty call or fuck buddy) they can't figure out why I bristle when repeatedly asked for my picture. I don't see you offering any, just why in the hell should I be giving you mine? I mean really, if you can't recall who the hell I am, don't bother talking to me. And you boys living in your parents' basement, don't throw it out there all "I already told you that" style and get pissed when I slap you down with an "oh no you di'int". I mean please, I've been thrown outta the house since I was seventeen, I do so remember when a 32 year old is living with mom and dad in the basement.

I mean please. If I go through the hassle of talking to you, and it is a hassle since it's a fun game of decoding the bs in the profile, the messages and then the chat -> stop lying. I'm not interested in the married, the losers thinking I'm a sure bet since I'm fat and that equals desperate. I'm straight forward and to the point, and the point is that I don't want your love buddy, I just want to use you a while and move on. It's not a big deal but it's less fun than it used to be with all the gutless whiners inhabiting the dating-verse. If I could have one wish it would be to find someone with a little guts and some inner strength. They're usually fucked up, but so am I, and we'd have devious cranky fun.

Until keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 1:56 PM

MenTal fUrbAll