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17 April 2007

i won't be there to break your sweet heart but not being there might break your sweet heart :
I don't have pets right now because I've put myself inthe position of being beholden to other's rules and regulations. I miss pets because they are great comfort and satisfaction to the loners like me who don't always have people around to commune with when it's needed. Now my soon to be roommates have pets. One of which I'm allergic to to the point my hand will swell when I pet that cat. Ouch I know. THe other cat, it turns out, has kidney stones. I guessed that was the issue a while back but they didn't get him to the vet until he started screaming while peeing.

The vet, who is gouging them for bringing in the emergency case (in my oppinion) says it's gonna be at the least $1200 to get the cat back up and running, $1650 if they do what he wants and more out the door with a new diet and all the perks of an constant vet visit to check for more stones. I feel for them because we're talking about family here, this is someone to them. Someone they love and don't want to lose. However this is someone who is very sick and and may continue to get dangerously ill and possibly die of the side effects of the illness. Best case scenario they put up all the money and buy the food and it all works out well. Still there's stress because we're moving and money's tight and they already have a lot of shit going on.

The other option, so sayeth the vet -> put the cat down. My gut instinct here is mercyless. I vote kill the cat. I don't see the point in letting the cat continue to suffer. I have know people with cats that had this problem and they paid all the money and bought the food and the cat suffered on for years and years. They all suffered together. It's a horrible thing. I, myself, have never had a cat that was desperately ill. I did have a dog that I had to have put down because he got strange as he got older and started trying to attack children and the elderly. It got to the point where we couldn't let him out of our sight because he would charge anything he thought he could take down, and we lived near a school. We couldn't give him away because he was untrainable at that point, and we do not know what caused his issue. I got him from the Humane Society and for the first year he was fine. After that he changed and we made the tough call to put him down.

I know it's not the same thing. The reasons and the call are not even close to similar but I know what having that decision feels like. For all the words you can say it's still a hard call to make. Now people will say don't own pets unless you are prepared to make the long term high priced commitment to keeping them and I agree to a point. I also say that just because you can do something doesn't make it the right thing to do. It's a high price to pay for your peace of mind no matter what.

I don't know what they will do. I don't know if they will kill the cat or keep the cat. I know what I would do. Later I would go out and get another cat and try like hell to make sure that the same damn thing didn't happen again. I wouldn't do it because pets are disposable, or because I'm cheap. I'd do it because I don't believe for the life of me that an animal has to suffer like that. There is no way that they can understand what is going on and I am the one that is there to take care of them and make the hard calls and suffer the consequences of all of our actions. Captain of the ship so to speak. I don't believe in needless suffering for anyone.

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