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From the ghost land of the easy life.

03 March 2007

just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile :
As stuck in freak country as I have ever been I gave notice that I was moving out. This prompted my Landlord to act like there was some way in hell he could uphold his totally illegal and unbinding lease. Since I don't officially have anywhere new to live I was squeamish about giving notice because I do live here and it's good enough but not paradise. I did it anyways, because 3 roomates not 5 and a cat that is treated like one, is better. 2 people I like and get along with seems better then 3 I really don't. Of course I worry that we're friends now and living together will make us enemies, but in a way we've been talking forever about getting a place together so maybe we started or friendship the right way. We'll see.

In the meantime I took the low road of least resistance and bald faced lied when my twitching, nearly screaming and red faced Landlord thundered up here to confront me about my so called illegal termination of my lease. He tried to tell me I didn't have the right to give notice. Seriously? He really did. Now I have my lease and I know what it says and despite the fact it ends officiall in August there is nothing in it that says I can't leave early, that I am responsible for the reassignment of the place or the rent in the event that it remains vacant. All it does say is that if I sublet that the subletter has to be approved by the Landlord.

I's been quietish since Thursday where I bladfaced lied and said I didn't have an issue witht the house I was just helping out my friends wh had talked me int moving in with them. I don't really yhrink he believed me but I didn't want to start anything that I'd have to live with for the next 60 odd days y'know.I mean sure they break the heating laws and harass us monthly with whiteboard inanity but that doesn't mean I want to give them any ammunition with which to target me. I'm already dead bad roomie walking.

So this morning I got a note telling me I was unlawfully terminating my lease and all but I have to be out by 11.59 pm 30 April. I guess I'm not being fought on this and I really don't care right now if my moving out means Kid J has to get out and get a job. THat's about the last thing that kid may want to do but it's high time that some social skills were employed on that end and the reign of basement insanity was ended through actual going outside and interacting with the world at large. Well that's my oppinion at least.

On there is not lighter side, my BFFC's dad is terminally ill with leukemia. My work eye candy is something close to dying again, lately. As far as lost causes go I have many of them going on in my backyard. All I can ask is keep your bits crossed for me and I'll do the same for you and all this should work out fine and dandy like.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:36 PM

MenTal fUrbAll