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16 March 2007

it's my life don't you forget :
RaJ wanted to know about the 3 day novel contest, it's not just for Cannucks it's international yo. Here's the hook up http://www.3daynovel.com/ .

I've been quietly working my magic to get the house I wanted secured. My Landlords have been somewhat unceremonious pricks about the move, including fucking with my internet, cutting the power to my room and making the house a hostile place to live. Other then that it's been hunky dory.

I'm a little wiped out, all this stress of not being stressed is getting to me. I want to pack and move now. AS it is we're green lit for the 27th. I'm still trying to make the John Mayer concert work out, but as usual trying to get people to come along has thrown a monkey wrench of crappy seat proportions. I'll live, at least I'm going places and doing things.

I was rather offended the other day by someone I was chatting on MSN with. They referred to my writing as a hobby. It offended me because, even though I don't make money from it, my writing is not a mere hobby. I may have a skewed impression of a hobby, but I don't believe the endless hours I've spent writing things, the reams of paper I've devoted to my thoughts and the accumulated stories I have going through my mind at anytime are a hobby. They are more like a preoccupation, an all consuming thing that I can't escape. I dream stories, I live stories, I have a way too vivid imagination and I've decide this year to stop hogging stories to myself. So at some point I will get out the 2 stories I've been brewing for a while. The hair invasions and the photographic memory tales. Do remind me about them if I forget ok?

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