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04 February 2007

more than i could handle and a life that i can't live :
I haven't been frivilous in a while so I thought I'd recap the whole of my entertainment experiences lately. You all know I love NCIS for Mark Harmon, although there is something a little trite about the show now I keep holding out for a big plot twist that will make all the heavy-ish melodrama that is this season - pay off. So Tony has a girl friend and Ziva is jealous. If they don't fix that soon, she's a terrorist or her ex-bf is - they're going to have to shoot one of them for effect. Why? Well because for me the love triangle angle doesn't work for those two. Sure they had the instant rub me the wrong ways, but the 'family' grousing that is supposed to occur is too easily taken to the I want you end of the field. Why they just can't make Ziva more anything is beyond me. She's not too strong, or stromg willed or threatening or anything anymore. She went from being cool and mysterious to being weirdly needy and jealous. I don't like that. Please fix that NCIS writers.

On the other end of the scale is Grey's Anatomy which seems to be settling into the drama heart of itself. I already had a clue as to the relationship Merdith and her mom had, hello my family anyone? The funny thing is if I had to pick a character I most see myself as I'd have to say Christina Yang. She's a real tough cookie but ther's a creamy centre in there too. In the mean time Izzie's all wierd and potentially heading to hatersville because she sees people around her with what she doesn't have. If that actuallt is her problem. Maybe she's supposed to be over compensating her fineness, and she'll have a good cry and be more Izzie-ish. I think her character's been pretty even for a long time and maybe they're giving her a chance to show some other aspects of human nature, but she's supportive girl and if that's really just all of a sudden gone there had better be better reason then Callie O'Malley.

ER's boring me to tears. Seriously. I already knew that kids was his, if John Stamos's charcter didn't then he's never seen the show. The characters are boring and predictable and I can barely watch anymore. It took til this year, the best year in ever some say , to seriously turn me off. I don't really know why though. I think it has to do with the little changing for the good part. So Sam kills her baby daddy and absolutely nothing happens to her. Her punishment is her kid's now a pyro and kills someone she knows. Pratt goes to jail for being a drug dealer? Kovacs is almost killed - well actaully maimed a little. Morris is still the painfully retarded, not really funny man child of the world being as stupid and gross as they think he can be. Ray's story line has faltered into a near oblivion of his character, Neela's all weird and lacking depth. One minute she's all about Ray but married now she's all about the new DR, who's like really taken even if he doesn't want to know about it. Too much drama not enough sense anymore. Sorta like CSI for me. I miss one or two episodes and Grissom is gone and the weird new guy, Keppler is there. Is it just me or are they tricking him out to be a psycho with mutiple personalities?

Lost is finally coming back and I'm not sure I care anymore. THe usual promises of more twists and turns and surprises. You know what I think would be surprising - really -> Micheal manning up and coming back to fix what he did. If he actually got away he should be able to get back. After all we've waited all season for Desmond's rich girlfriend to find him or the freaky Juliet to pony up and actually show some real potential. It's not lost on me that Jin, Sun and Sayid as well as everyone else we loved til now are MIA and we're suddenly promised they're coming back. From where exactly? I mean have they been on vacay on the other island while we've been watching the not terribly interesting coercion of Jack or the kinda freaky breaking of Sawyer? One episode's white rabbit does not a season's worth of watching make. So I may tune in, as my previous Wednesday treat Saved is MIA on the local channels.

I have replaced Eureka, great show BTW, with The Dresden Files. Not an equal trade but I'm willing to go with it to see if it improves. I'm still into Heroes. I think it's great Hiro's dad is Sulu. Seriously what funky power do you think he may have? I think Claire slipped up and Daddy may know that she didn't forget anything. Not sure he'll have time to fix that since Sylar's learned that James Bond being dead thing. Dr Suresh is a little loose ended for me, he hasn't found his place yet. But that whole invisible mentor thing is so fun. I have a thing for gruff british guys and I even watched the new Dr Who for this one.

I'm already sick of men in trees, and I like Ugly Betty but I'm not so sure how long it's going to go on while it's giving away all the big secrets this season like it's a going off the air rampage. We'll see how they handle the new revelation that the dead son is now a live daughter. In the mean time I think I'm going to love Supernatural for a long time, even though the whole gee I may be evil thing is a bit over the top. Sam has barely even used his powers and now he's number on draft choice for evil inc's board of directors? Tell me there's more of a lead up planned to that? Also tell me he's not Eva's Adam. I smell some sort of showdown/reunion coming so let's hope it's got teeth. After all I need some televised inspiration to brighten my listless life :)

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