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15 February 2007

i follow the night can't stand the light when will i begin to live again :
I'm a workaholic and now kinda broke power partier at least last week. I guess that explains why my free time has been taken up with not filling you all in on anything. I'd say sorry but that sounds lame and the fact its there's nothing really happening here. There's a little 'I'm giving my moving notice in a couple of days and I'm tripping' going on but other then that it's the usual.

All the taken guys treat me like the bestest girl in the world. All the single guys ignore me or get drunk and are insulting but think I'm madly hot for shutting them down and tell me that but don't do anything about it otherwise. I got to vd wishes from clients and none from friends or foes. I did wish everyone at work a happy vd and got made fun of. Ah the fun of it all.

Aside from the snow storm I'm working on a way to rescue my stuff from my family, who last time I checked were moving in March and throwing it all away. If it all pans out it'll be here by the 23rd and then I'll spend the evening with Rod Stewart. My first real concert in forever and I have friends to go with and all.

I was told last night by this guy at work that I remind him of his Mom. His words were that I'm matronly, outgoing, motherly, orderly, possibly scary when mad and very exacting. Wow I don't sound fun or interesting at all. I'm not sure how I feel about that but it explains a lot.

In the mean time Texas has sorta stopped being remotely friendly and is now leaving heaping mounds of toilet paper in the toilet so someone else can flush it and then pluge the toilet. Fucker. I can't wait to move and yet we have nowhere picked out or nailed down yet. We're hoping to get into a townhouse near by and that's all we've got right now because the area is under new and totally disorganised management and they don't seem too interested in my soon to be roomies cockroach problems or with making the the transfer from their apartment to the townhouse possible.

So that's all the wonderous shaking happenings around here. I'm waiting on the next episode of Grey's where we're all pretty sure that Mere lives and all. I'm also waiting for the world to get warmer snd less intensely snowy. We waited a long time for winter and all but I'm kind of tired of the intense coldness in the house and not the outside weather really. Because it's been so cold I've been having to run the heater all night and it's killing my skin and hair and sinuses because it's not like there's a humidifier in this house and all the humidity sits downstairs away from the heat nowadays. Geez we can't win here in hell.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:05 AM

MenTal fUrbAll