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31 December 2006

if you need to know while i'm still standing you just fade away :
It's been a few weeks. I'd say sorry but quality me time and healing was really all I wanted to think about. Not that I stopped thinking in the interim, gracious no - I just started to think how easy it is to get into situations that are somehow bad for you. I wonder if people somehow subliminally find places and people to foster the crap that they are most comfortable with? Mostly I wonder if I'm going to spend the rest of my life realising I've gotten myself into another bad living arrangement and wondering how to get myself the fuck out of it.

Case in point, my current abode of convenience. The whiteboard notes haven't stopped, infact there's a whole new level of toilet paper insanity goign on. Add to that Kid N and J didn't leve for 2 weeks thid Christmas they left for 4 days and had a stupid note posted almost the second they walked in and the tension here is kinda high. I know as far as they are concerned I'm just a tennant but I feel it's important to feel at home in your own house, and since my stuff is here it's my house. I don't need to hear snarky tirades about blaming people because I just made tea and left the remaining water in the kettle on the stove. Why did I do that? Because I wanted more tea and that water was already hot so using it up didn't seem like a bad thing. But what do I expect from them when it's note after note about the stupidest shit and yet they're ransacking the kitchen all night like total stoner burnouts with suicidal muchie binges on? Actually I expect the people who famously brought us the toilet paper activities note and the don't use the napkins and paper towels white board post to, oh I dunno, be as anal about themselves as they insist in being about others. Silly me.

Ok rant done. I had a 24 hour thing yesterday, I hope it was 24 hour cuz I need to be able to work for the next while so I get mey New Years stat pay. I don't know exactly what the problem was expect I was nauseous and my head really hurt and my sinuses were so stuffed I couldn't move. If I did it was like someone prying open my head, or trying to from the inside. Still kinda squishy today but I'm going in to work and braving the endless sicknesses others are bringing with them to do so. It's occassionally winter here so, of course, everyone is sick and they're coming to work cuz we're all sluts for stat pay. Every dollar counts when you're planning on moving to somewhere friendly and warm, at least in my case.

The foot is good. I had a huge honking chunk taken out of it and I got to watch this time as they had the chair all barca loungered instead of head to the floor feet in the air like last time. The Dr and the nurse made a joke about not being responsible for any nightmares I may have, it was funny and I didn't and don't have nightmares but I can describe what was done now in great detail and may be giving others nightmares :P I took the stitches out kind early so it took a week fot the incision to fully fill in and scab over and be ok. The ice rain didn't help, becuase I slipped and screwed up what had healed up so that's why it took a week. Usually I'm a fast healer. Given the slip and my insistance on walking around on it like it's fine, I'm sure my foot wants to kick my ass for being so mean to it and not babying it more but I gotta get around and aside from one day it's not had to go as the main mode of transportation for hours yet. I still haven't been on the bus, I'm holding off on that until I can be sure that the foot won't suffer. Winterish times do nothing to allay that fear, they just add water to the busses :)

I got some weird email from my sister the other day. She sent me a bitchy email about not phoning for Christmas and I bitched right back about having surgery. Now she's either shitting me or is possibly actually trying to make a connection. I've been fooled before. It usually goes something like let's be firends and then we chat a bit and then there's a fight or a demand to buy the family something couched in the 'if you love us' or 'aren't we friends?' crap that ever user who knows you're onto them uses. Usually the let's get a long thing is the introduction to really unsubtle questions about how much money I make and what I spend it on so she can make calculations on what to ask for. Seriously, I can see this coming now it's happened so many times before. I guess I'm jaded when it comes to family. Can't I just tell people I'm an orphan?

So there's the last few weeks in review. I have to go take some ibuprofen for the foot and then it's off to work I go. I hope the New Year is bright and Shiny for all of you. I'm feeling healed, we'll know if it took this time next month so I'll keep you posted :)

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