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12 December 2006

i drink alone with nobody else :
To bend to the public pressure I've been receiving today I went and spent a wack on a winter coat. I don't really have one I will wear all the time. I have a 3/4 length wool coat (and I itch just thinking about wool) but it has no hood. For the past couple of winters I've been making due with a shell and very old ski jacket liner. I decided to cave for 2 reasons. It's not even the 15th of December and all winter wear everywhere is on clearance sale and if I don't get it now I'll be without the option later and secondly because I'm trying to make a change.

I've been kvetching about my foot long enough for y'all to know it's a pain and I'm dying to get it all back to something resmbling working order. That is supposed to happen tomorrow. I says supposed to because I'm stressed about this. I've been mopre stressed about this surgery than the first one. When I'm stressed I eat and I've gone up a clothing size because of this and work. Why? Well work is hell but the real issue is the surgery. I know wht it's going to feel like. I can't say this time how bad will it be cuz I know how bad it will be. I'm worried he'll screw up again and I'll still be dealing with the glass in my foot next year. I'm totally terrified that as an add on to the end of the day I'm going to get there and be told the appointment isn't there on the schedule. That he's decided he doesn't have time to do this or that he does it, but is really peeved and I end up with complications.

Now that's far fetched I know but it's not inconceivable that things like that can and do happen. Shit happens. SO I'm tripping out and I'm wiggy and sleeping and I aren't so much pals anymore. I can't wait til 5 pm tomorrow when I know the ending of the story, at least until the swelling subsides :P

So to calm myslef I went to the movies where 4.25 Tuesdays ahs turned into you don't get a choice pop and popcorn. I decided to go see Deja Vu cuz I like sci-fi and it's about time travel (oh yes it is) and Denzel is a fine buddy movie guy. I'm always thrown off a bit by the bonded overbite, but he's the bomb for likeable guys. I see Denzel and I'm sure we'd get a long a ok in real life, even if he's a bit weird. Aren't we all?

Anyways I went and watched and remembered why Jim Caveizel is hot and wished I didn't have to pee so bad. I couldn't leave I was afraid I'd miss something. I really was. It was a good movie. A decent premise and the best hair I've seen on Adam Goldberg in ages. Add to that the puffy Val Kilmer and you've got 4 reasons I went to see a movie other than Jame Bond. Oh I want to see Bond but I'm saving him for later.

I like sci fi, which s why I'm loving the Lost Room on Space this week. That's a keep mini series for me. Now Deja Vu isn't quiet the same, it's a movie and all, but it's got a lot going for it and it does keep a solid pace going without too much head shaking and there's enough blow em up, blast em down stuff to keep the action fan happy. What I like best is it took the idea it had and made it seem real and powerful. The villain was really good, the villanous machine trying to keep Denzel from the girl was predictable and kind of laughable really, maybe that whole part was poorly edited - but in the end you were rooting for Denzel to white knight the hottie. She wasn't a very smart or integral hottie but she got the eye candy thing done and so I'm sure served her written purpose. This is not a cause movie really. At least I didn't find it was. For me there was a cause given, but it was more about what won't a guy do to get the hottie. Well Denzel was willing to have himself possibly deep fried (I'm so not giving anything away - see the movie) for that hottie he never met.

To me this movie stands out because it does what Paycheque didn't. It gives us a couple with chemistry, a bunch of smartasses trying to make a differnece and plausible contraption that explains some people's deepest fears. I'm also sure it's got a little rhetoric on the use of surveillance post 9/11 in it, but I can overlook that as it's a plot device. We have all the hollywood standards and with that is delivered a standard pop corn muncher with some sentimantalitly, some ego, some laughs and some sc fi effects. Throw in a few car crashes and it's a solid way to escape your fears.

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