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07 November 2006

just let it take you where it wants to only a fool puts limitations on love :
I've recently discovered I have no drive to achieve left. There are noises at work about firing the vocal disgruntled. there is tonnes of over time available. I don't want to think about any of it, much less do the over time. I should though. I need the money for that rainy day thing that everyone talks about. There are more and more reasons to save money and make plans and I am positively ambivalent about it.

Kind of like this blog. I'm falling off links rolls and losing readership weekly and no one even comments anymore, and I don't care. I started this to make a dent o hte world in a way, to leave a mark and make myself known and overall it's sort of like no one wants to know me or they're losing interest. I know it's the season and the weather and people have their own lives. What ever happened to reaching out? Whatever happened to making friends? What ever happened to social networking? If you're not constantly talkin about celebrities, politics, gossip, sex or your kids you can't keep a readership. The occassional weightloss and my thoughts blog rakes them in too. Am I just too out of the norm? Am I missing the magic potion to rake in the interested?

It's that unknown. I just don't have a clue and I have to guess it's that there's not enough sweetness and light here to keep people interested. It's the best hypothesis I can determine other than people don't like the 'voice' I use or the content of the blog sucks. Maybe it does. Maybe that is what no one is willing to say. Maybe it's no comment retalliation. I haven't been leaving remarks else where so I get none of my own. What ever ir is I'm not all gung ho to fix it. I'm just not gung ho to fix anything these days. I'll bebetter next year. When the foot has finally fallen into place :)

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:27 AM

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