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08 October 2006

past the road to your house that you never called home :
We were talking Turkey the other day. Literally as Thanksgiving is tomorrow (Monday) here in Canada. I was talking toe Pinky (ooh she's gonna love that name)and saying how I'm not big on Turkey but I've always wanted to make a duck for a holiday dinner. I had duck once as a kid and loved it and have always wanted to make my own. So a plan, of sorts, was hatched. We decided the throw together our own Thanksgiving today (Sunday). The catch being that I am the only one wha actually wasn't working today.

So thanks to Pinky and her man (the Brain?), my dream of making duck for a holiday dinner came true. I rocked the duck, she rocked the sweet potato fries and he rocked the stove top. He came back the latest, so it was sort of an eat and run situation but it was so fucking sweet to do the dinner thing, mostly civilized (I do eat with my hands) and we had late season wine and laughed. I felt like a grown up. Almost 36 and I just had my first 'grown up' moment. I've always been a late bloomer. The only thing we didn't get, that we talked about, was pumpkin pie. Mostly because the ones we did find looked disgusting, but a bit because I think in our hearts we knew it would have been a waste. Now I know it would have been cuz we wouldn't have been able to eat any of it.

I went shopping. I got Grey's Season 2 and an iTunes card. I don't know if I'm going to love or loathe iTunes, but I don't have an iPod so I don't know why I signed up and all except for psychic peer pressure. Everyone else is doing it and I kind feel proximally left out. I'm weird, I know.

Speaking of weird -> having given up reallly caring what is going to happen next in anything has had the weirdest effect on the men around me. Flirt/hot guy is paying attention, I have a subtle stalker, and a couple of weirdly attached gossips. It's leaving me wonder what the hell I really did to get the whole I don't exist thing turned around. It must have been dying my hair Vampire red, since then I guess I seem more approachable and at least more interesting. It's had a dissonent effect on one guy, but he's got a weak streak anyways so I guess it's for the best.

In the mean time have a good Thanksgiving/weekend my pretties. I'll be making stat pay tomorrow, yeeha.

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