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27 October 2006

i'm bill pardy bitch bitch bitch :
I managed to find Slither in town. I looked for it when it came out Tuesday and I was at the Rideau Centre. After 4 hours of hairtainment I needed a break. It was no where to be found. All I kept thinking was how can a freaking horror movie not be available the week before halloween? What is wrong with these people?? It wasn't in HMV, Futureshop, Blockbuster or WalMart. I went online and found it at Best Buy and on a whim yesterday went into Music World at St Laurent and found it. After one of the sales clerks telling me he'd never heard of the movie, probably because of his apathy. Whatever.

I watched it this morning. Too funny really. Really. I love horror movies and Halloween is the time to get the collection extended for the good low prices. Slither is new so it's not cheap, but I missed it in the theatres and I was so disappointed. I was determined to get the DVD and now I have it. I'm way happy about it, because we have to face the facts -> not all reviews will reflect my taste and some 'horror' movies that have been 'liked' lately I think are pure crap. I like my gore with a total dressing of comedy. If it's taking itself too seriously I'm kinda bored and disinterested. I'm a huge fan of the 80's horror schlock like House, Fright Night and Waxwork. Add to that my classic monster fetish for vampires and werewolves and there's a lot of room for a lot of horror movies to view and decide upon. Lately I've gotten more into the watching the classic black and whites too, but I still shy away from the 70's B horrors of that genre, for that I prefer the slasher stuff. All in all I'm a well rounded horror film buff, though a zombies are the least entertaining of the lot for me.

I never did find any wicked witch black and white stockings for my costume. I am not sure exactly what it is I'm going for with the concept. Apparently there is a team concept where we all come in in head to toe black like a bunch of emo goths or something. I overheard it, I wasn't told directly. Since I don't work it's more like I'll show when I want looking how I want and see what happens. I'm going to take my chicken slippers in a bag and my camera because I want some pictures of this dammit. I'm all about the pictures. I was snap happy yesterday and the best was trying to get the rabbits we saw close to Pinky and the Brains' house. But my flash wouldn't go off right and 4 of the 5 pictures show nothing at all really, except for eye reflections and I'm mad that I spent the money to get the rechargeable batteries that never recharge and are always failing on me. I'm so beyond unimpressed with it. I mean I KNOW how hard on batteries that current electronics are and all, but c'mon this is ridiculous. Between buying batteries for my MP3 player and the digital camera I'm going broke and the recargables are shit, even though they say they are designed for use specifically with digital cameras and such. Errg.

So we didn't do any pumpkin carving because we got lazy and it was cold and it's still cold but I got a new sweater and I'm happy shmappy. I have to spend some time helping my sister reinstall the video card drivers in my old computer because she got spy ware and instead of telling me about it she decided to just delete stuff off the hard drive herself and she deleted the video card drivers and now has giant icons and no colour selection. Wing nut. She actually told me to skip work and go there and fix it for her. Sure I'll not get paid today to spend money to travel an hour plus on the train at full fare, to go fix what you shouldn't have broken but called me about, and then spend more money to come back on the train and then work tomorrow. Yea right. Family, wanna buy one cheap?

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