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From the ghost land of the easy life.

05 October 2006

but I know that you'll miss me blind :
I didn't sleep Tuesday night because I was hopped up on pepsi and Jack Daniels. I alos was terrifed that the frigging rent cheque would bounce because I was 3 dollars short. I went in early to put back the differnece and it mocked me all day. I did get to go have the angus swis and mushroom burger at Burger King. Texas took me. He's foing fine, especially since it's been nice and quite around here with the total lack of Kid M and all. Yea we wish he'd moved out.

I went bug shit at Walmart and ended up with a DVD RW recorder and Hard Disk Drive recorder. It was cheap and I needed something besides the VCR, which wasn't on sale. I'm still looking for Grey's Anatomy at Wally World and it's never there. I'm trying out the DVR thing and find out someone else had it already. I knew that kind of because the damn thing wasn't packed on the inside the right way. I knew for sure when I was setting up the record function and found that there were already shows on it. It doesn't seem to have a way to record to the DVR and then DVD. Maybe why it was so inexpensive, but I'll see how it goes. If it's cool then I may stock up on disks to record directly to instead.

I watched LOST, even though it really bored me last season. It promises to make me wonder why I'm watching it this season, but I'll watcha few more to see if I'll keep bothering. I love Grey's and amazingly enough CSI seems to be bouncing back from the mid run malaise that has hit so many shows around Season 5/6. At least I don't look at George Eads and wonder WTF about his hair all the time. It was bad wigs last season I swear. I'm not sure why but I still watch ER, it's not so much habit it's more like the one lingering soap opera I can't put down. I picked up Saved because of Tom Everett Scott and his blue eyes. I also really like paramedic dramas. I loved Emergency as a kid.

I'm happy Gibbs is back at NCIS and I love the scuffy hair and all, don't like the moustache so much but I'll learn to live with it I know. I was kind of hoping the ditzy/awkward newbie would be around longer but she got thrashed as Gibbs is back. Oh well, they could have brought he back by moving Tony off but that didn't happen either. Ducky is way bitter Gibbs left and came back like he did, I hope that works out cuz the dynamic between them is so great. Love me some Illya Kuryakin. I've always had a thing for spies.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 2:13 PM

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