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25 October 2006

and folks they used to smile and now they just think that they should :
I've gone and had my hair done again. 4 hours and an obscene amount of money later and I'm not happy. Nothing shocking there because I'm never really happy. I have never gone to a solaone and come out thinking I got exactly what I wanted, at least not since I went through hairstylist classes myself. Now I know what's supposed to be done. Plus most hairstylists think that chopping up my hair like a fucked up flowby attacked me is a great punk style. No that is just not being able to cut in a strait line.

I've been getting my flirt on big time. Hot/flirt guy from work and I have been emailing. Last night he spent hours chatting with me on MSN, that was after emailing me to tell me he'd not be reachable til Friday. I wasn't the only person he was chatting too. It seems his friesnds seeing him online were hitting him up to go out with them. He stayed in a chatted with me instead. Lately he's been all about the telling ma specifically what he's doing or going to do. Our latest conversations have included mentioning of going to bed, sleeping, undressing, male full frontal nudity, showering and jammies. I cracked back lst night that he's always trying to make me think of naked men and his snappy reply was that nudity is standard at his place and I have been warned. Hmmm. Sounds like something I wouldn't mind. I'm so ...

I'm going to go slaughter some pumpkins tomorrow and drink. The last few nights off I've had drinks to wind down. I've been spikey with the pressure of a neverending queue at work and the whole ongoing email flirt and probably the weather. I'm worrying too that I'm maybe slipping into a bad habit but It's not like I'm passing out drunk all the time. I have a drink here or there and right now the only one judging me is me. I feel guilty because I don't know what it takes to make an alcoholic but I come from a long line and I don't relish the idea of falling into line with that part of the family. Still I'm going to go drink and kill pumpkins so that they can shine their light off the balcony of the 18th floor at Pinky and the Brains' house.

There will be pictures. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:43 PM

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