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22 September 2006

you will go looking to blame somebody :
I got bored. I dyed my hair vampire red to make things moreinteresting. Hot work guy is so talking to me again and I love it. Cuz he's hot, and he talks to me like he's into me. Peole have noticed. People who aren't me. I am loving it. The hair colour went to vote with most people liking the vampire red in my hair better than the infra red. So I went for it. Texas says it looks pink. I'll have to live with that for 10-12 washings.

In lieu of complaining endlessly about homebased stupidity I've decided to complain endlessly about tv. I love Grey's Anatomy. I was so excited it came back last night and even though I missed a few minutes on time shift because of a customer I did watch it on CTV. And I was confused. I was so thinking I missed something. Because I am such a fan I taped the ABC version that was on at 9. I watched that today. Turns out I did miss something. An entire episode.

On ABC it was the Grey's mash up of all last years' dramatic highlights at 8, then the first episode of this season. On CTV there was the second episode of this season at 8 local time and then CSI's premiere. So I saw episode 2 then episode 1 of Grey's. I kow why I felt so lost now. I know why it seemed so odd to me to feel behind a joke last night. I read the Grey's blog which promised that the show would pick up where it left off and I so knew that wasn't happening. Now I know why. Did they show the wrong episode on time shift? Did they show 2 episodes? Did they start the season last week and I missed it in their time zone? I'm not sure, but I'm now caught up.

I've had some Jack Daniels and I'm down with the quality time with new and old friends, no matter how strained relations have been. Why? Because hot guy knows my name and talks to me by email now? Maybe. Maybe I just don't want to waste my energy trying to figure this bullshit out anymore. Everyone has issues, I just wish they'd stop trying to make them mine.

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