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19 September 2006

we are home now out of our heads out of our minds out of this world out of this time :
It's been weird weather here. Cold and humid and then hot hot hot then cold again. You all know I have a new bed and occassionally it's hard to sleep on it. It's a memory foam bed that somehow doesn't hold you up perfectly all the time. Anyways for some reason my right side aches some times. I haven't had the bed 2 weeks yet so I know I'll get used to it, but all this change isn't making my muscles feel any less pulled out of shape. Ah working myself into something else.

I'm trying to crack my inner maniac. I'm trying to contact the place inside that's fearing success and make it understand that there's nothing to fear. In the meantime it's retaliating by making me uber hungry. Apparently it doesn't believe in open dialogue. I'm doing this in an effort to determine if I have reached that place where losing weight will be successful. Where I won't turn around and make excuses and sabotage myself into a larger clothing size. Cuz I'm kinda tired of this year. I didn't gain a lot of weight because of my foot, but I didn't lose any either. I'm lazy about exercising. I now have somewhere to exercise but I haven't started.

I can get around better on my foot now so I know I should make a go of the getting back into shape. Of course in the mean time I've gotten lazy. I want to spend my post work time doing nothing and my pre work time doing pretty much nothing too. This whole switching start times has been annoying and I get thrown back next week. I start 3 hours later thatn this week or the week before. I'm making my way back to the deep end of the evening shift and I'm slowly making up my mind to get off my ass and do something more interesting than sit on my ass :)

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:39 PM

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