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20 September 2006

i'm a bitch :
I hate my landlords today. They seem to think the way to my heart is to accuse me of stealing without actually putting my name on the accusation. Since (to steal blatantly from Grey's Anatomy) there is a land called passive aggresiva and I fucking rent a room in it, I came home to another bullshit note. Right now the Kids are playing the olds against the news. So even though Kid N and J have nothing good to say about Kid M, they're the bestest friends and pulling kindergarten bullshit.

The jist of the notes was even though we don't mind supplying paper towels and napkins for the house, these items are purely decoratory and should not be used or you get a note telling you not to be wasteful. The other note is the one I took personally. See I buy my own toilet paper. Partly because I got tired of the game of 'let's use all the tp and not replace the roll' Kid M and E played. Also because I was sick of the cheapest shit they could buy being all there was. 1 ply, 2 ply, sandpaper, scented, unscented. I'm not that picky but I had to draw the line when it started taking it's toll. The second note said taking the tp from the bathroom is stealing. I hope they feel like the asshats I think they are now, for accusing me of stealing my own fucking toilet paper. I really hate people that can't ask questions but have no problem jumping to conclusions and generally making life a living hell.

In a word 3 out of 4 people in the house officially became Assholes last night. That leaves Texas, who up til last night had only heard about the notes. He was saddened and thought it was funny how they will put that shit on the board and then avoid you. Apparently he's also been told that the large cupboard in my room, the one I asked repeatedly if they wanted me to move into his room before he even got here, is his to put his stuff away. Apparently they are deeply offended that he hasn't unpacked and still has boxes in his room today. So offended that they are willing to have me take all my things out of the cupboard I was told belongs in this room, so that he can have it. This has been told to him twice. I have not been asked/told a thing. Nice. I am not above thinking I'll just come home and find it moved for him. Apparently they're all about their ideas and fuck everyone else.

Of course it is kind of satisfying when they are so embarrassed of their own behavior that they can't even look at you. But just a little bit.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:07 PM

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