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06 September 2006

curiosity kitten doesn't have to mean you're on your own :
I can't say I've been thinking deep thoughts. Time these days revolves for me around the ominous shooting foot pain I now have, the mounting joy of my new new bed and the chore of working to be awake while at work. Surprisingly enough I mostly like my job, the hours work for me and the people are coolio. I called the Dr's to make an appointment and was told December WON'T happen, but I can call back in a few weeks when her new appointment book (witch seceratary that is) comes and then she can decide if I can do this in January. Uggh. Can this get worse? Really I'm thinking if I meditate hard could I make the source of irritation just pop out of my foot, like a zit expells it's load?

Rockstar is my new must see. I did take a trip with Dr Who and it was the killer game show eposdie. Not bad but I don't know if I'm dying to watch it regualrily. Anyways I'm sure some may have heard the rumour that Lukas is going to win Rockstar. I don't like Lukas because I like to be able to understand my singer and I think he suffers from mumbleitis. I think the rest of the group would want him only if they think having a fug singer ensures them a good batch of groupies. Dilana seems to have fatally wounded herself with unneeded cattiness towards her housemates and is slowly dying from the festering self loathing it wrought. I still love her voice but she seems to have given up and Storm is taking full advantage of that. I can't say I liked Storm before, infact I don't remember much of anything she did before she rocked Evanessence. Yes Toby really kicked it on that one but I think Gilby has his head up his ass on her abilities. Mind you I'd never heard of him before RockStar either.

I think the whole Magni 'sounded the same' on his tracks last night was lame. Really you fault a guy for givving it all to both tracks, not dialing it down for the first and giving it all for the second? Whatever. Toby is finally really out of his shell and owning the stage. So Lukas - he brings nothing new for me to find interesting. They were actually counting how many times he sang the chorus and hook. Wow, is that complimentary? Also why did we see everyone but Magni get feed back on the songwriting? I think Gilby's kind of close minded if he feels that all songs have to be metaphorical not literal. I think the real lack of imagination is if they can't see songs are good either way or mixed together in a literal metaphor.

Ok I'm done now. The weather's being weird and wacky, it's so cool and grey but the rain isn't visiting. Even so there are all these people at work feeling so down that there is no sun and not appreciating the fine cool weather that we have. I'm not a total summer person, this one was ok because the heatwaves were small and not that hard to live through, not like some of the other summers where I really wanted to die. I'll miss the shorts and sandals because I don't really love shoes, I'm more of a light footwear person -> but I love the cool weather. I love it with a passion that never fades. I am so happy that there is no chace of 100 degrees right now that I'd be actively bummed if we chinooked and got an Indian summer heat wave. It's really beacause I think sweating should be reserverd fro times of great exertion alone. Walking across the street, in general though not lately, is not the greateset exertion I have ever experienced, so I really dislike breaking into a sweat because I'm moving at a snails pace going anywhere.

I'm giong to charge my camera batteries so I can regale y'all with photos of the new new bed. You saw the beas I have so you may as well get a load of how things change. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 3:13 PM

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