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15 September 2006

crying in the morning trying to be strong waiting for the spring to turn into the fall :
I don't get people at all. I'm not sure I ever will. I'm a pusher. I can push myself and others really hard. On the other hand I have never in my life decided that I would roll down my car window and yell racial slurs at someone just becaue. Oh yea I was out pushing my numbed foot into shape Wednesday and took a bus at rush hour. Now what happened isn't as horrific as the shootings in Montreal, but it's sad and shamefull none the less. Our bus driver was a uded witha turban, and right there in grid locked traffic some white guy with a bug up his ass decides to roll down the window and let loose with what was the bus driver doing in the country anyways, why didn't go back where he belonged and other things the bus driver wouldn't repeat to the cops loud enough for us passengers to hear.

See we were just stopped to let someone off and in Ottawa a bus has the right of way so I don't know if the cretin was coming out of nearby parking lot and got pissed that the bus didn't wait for him to merge with the immovable traffic lane he wanted into or what. The bus driver stopped the bus and flew out into traffic to get the guy's licence plate and was calling the cops even as he did that. He even talked to the guy who had rolled up then down his window to tell the driver that he wasn't scared of nothing and he couldn't do anything to him anyways. So guy verbally assaults a city worker downtown on a street lined with government workers, in grid locked traffic thinking nothing will happen. Personally I think that the black cars he was driving should havd a big white bigot written on it for 2 weeks as punishment. That's just me. Racist would do to. Apparently this guy doesn't care who knows it, so let's tell the world.

Other than that I've been smiling at guys oin datingh sites in an effort to meet someone interesting and worthwhile and of course no one smiles back. Infact to be honest finding a guy that is smiling and looks comfortable with it is hard. C'mon dudes. Try a little.

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