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09 August 2006

you and me we're in this together now :
Welcome to episod what the fuck of the passive aggressive chronicles. I may have mentuioned I asked Kid M to take me to or pick me up from surgery (less than 24 hours away and I'm freaking!). Iasked him WTF yesterday and he said he'd pick me up but I have to pay for gas, he sees no reason to drive me there though, it's simply too early to get up. So I'm thinking before I go I need to get $$$ so I'm covered regardless of who does or doesn't show up. Hopefully the pay of payday is avaiable at 6 am.

So apparently the thing of the day, for the squirrels my landlords have become, is to go find something to leave stupid messages on the whiteboard about. They threw out my soap dish and are killing my jade tree, but I'll get a white board lashing for having a bath and not closing the shower curtain afterward. I'm thinking if the curtain isn't wet what does it matter if it's open or closed, but the new sport is come flip out on the whiteboard over everything. I got home last night to an 'everyone' message extolling the dangers of mould in the shower curtain when it doesn't dry properly. It has to be wet first, am I wrong? Am I going to get nailed for lint on the dryer after cleaning the lint trap? Stay tuned.

In the mean time I'm so tired and I'm worried because I don't like the idea of being slowed down or unable to help myself and do what I want. It's freaky to me that I could be slowed down to a point where I can't do what I want. I'm so flipping out I almost had a panic attack thinking about it last night. I don't for one minute think that I'm goiugn to get any help from my roommates, as fastidiously as they've been avoiding me since the barbeque Saturday. If I was the kind to hibernate in my room 24/7 I guess I could understand it, however being the kind that likes to be were I can, I don't think for a second I'd spend all day lurking in the basement waiting for the second I can come out and drum up a problem to write on the whiteboard. I'm not even the one who HAD take the psych courses and I know that's seriously fucked up. Clear thinking is not winning the day here at passive aggressive central.

I am, however, ready and set for the lazy life. I think I can make it a day or 2 beofre I'll have to get out of the house. I'm thinking I'll be sitting still less than I should because I'm all about pushing myself. I'll be out trying to get around the 'hood tomorrow I'm sure, because I'll want to order something in and I'll have to go get the money. Why? Because my roommates seem to be making a statement about how we really aren't a great big mostly trying to be happy family and I just don't think I can ask them for any favours, though they have no problem asking them of me. Funny how that goes isn't it?

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