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07 August 2006

we'll inherit the earth but we don't want it :
I got home to find out that it was door planing day while I was gone and not only did no one tell me but apparently traipsing through my room and leaving notes telling me what to do with my own personal stuff is A-OK now. It so didn't rub me the right way. First off since you were home all day and so was I, telling me you're going to be in my room isn't really that hard is it? Second, I can't tell you what to do with your shit so don't presume to tell me what to do with mine. I want 3 hangers on the door and I'll have them, paint be damned. Also I think it's all kinds of stupid to paint the door jamb that no one is really looking at ever, and leave the window sill that looks like it's been ravaged by barbarians unpainted. Ok rant over.

I think there's something in the house that's making white board wars and passive aggressive bullshit all the rage inducing drama one can stand. I stayed up extra late last night and slept fairly well. The whole foot thing is starting to wig me because I don't like hospitals and I don't really relish healing my foot again, but it will make things so much easier and my exercise regime can finally start. Can't do much since I can't stand or walk for long without throwing problems like sore ankles and knees into the mix because I'm unconsciously walking weird to protect my foot. I just want my stride back is all.

I'm planning to go shop a bit now. I'm looking for pants and maybe a few tops. I'm going tomorrow to get food and drawers and Wednesday will be all quiet and probably fear leading up to Thursday morning where I get the operation done. Yeeha. Now if only I thought I could count on the kids here for help, as much as I can count on them to do things to make me not trust them.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 1:09 PM

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