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From the ghost land of the easy life.

30 August 2006

things were never easy for me peace of mind was hard to find :
What is really flipping me out right now is that My foot is back in pretty good shape. I can feel all the toes and walk on it fine and the swelling's all gone and that lump that was causing me pain



Apparently my Dr is a genius. He managed to remove the problem from my foot without actually doing so. I get to see him Friday. I get to point out to him that the lump, the one that hurts to walk on is right here where it has been fo going on 9 months. I'm not happy about the idea of getting more freezing, more surgery, more scars and more time off work. It kept me up all night last night, the burning idea of all those shots to the foot. And what if he misses it again?

I'm kinda pissed because I wanted this over and done with and to be up and walking with purpose by September. Now I'm more or less looking at another appointment and 2 more weeks of hobbling in or close to September. I know I never should have stepped on the glass in the first place but sometimes you just gotta learn the hard way. Trust me, I have.

Kid T is settling in nicely. It's hard to tell how it will all work out in the end, but so far there are no whiteboard notes flying so it all looks relatively normal at the casa. I'm loving the new cooler weather and the fact that Kid M's not hanging around much makes this place really quiet. He didn't die he just decided after telling his girl friend a string of lies (so I've heard) that he ought to make up for her all out efforts to get him back by proposing. She was here today talking rather loudly about it on her cell phone. Not everything I now is heresay :)

I can't wait for my new bed and I can't wait for lots of other stuff too. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 10:28 PM

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