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26 August 2006

tell me lies tell me sweet little lies :
It's official, and even though the Landlords knew last week I just found out a couple of days ago that Kid M isn't moving, I do not get a bigger room and the new Texan should be here Monday. I think I deserve the psychic firends network award for being right. I've been totally sure since July that Kid M wasn't going anywhere, and I was right. At least they got their act togethere and told me so I could finally unpack my shit in here and organise my room so I can live with it. I can live with the lower rent, I just don't think it's fair he gets to stay here for cheaper than anyone else and without a lease. Family or not the rules should all be the same.

In the mean time I took off Friday and went and got myself a new bed. I went to Mattress MArt, they're having a 30th anniversary sale, and I let myself get talked into a new (but returned) memory foam mattress. With the boxspring, fram and delivery I get it for 719. No tax because of the sale. The regular price of the bed is 1199. With out frame and delivery (80 dollars) and tax. I've also been hitting all the sales I can so as to get some more clothes that will take me stylishly onward. I kinda want to get more coolio on that front.

I'm happy about the bed and I'm chill as to the new person coming. I have to be I can't move away what with having a lease and all. I've been really lucky the last few days and I'm glad of it, but sometimes something less than great happens in the midst of the goodness and you wonder if things have taken a turn for the worst. I don't think they have, not really but it does remain to be seen. After all, nothing is ever predicatbel in life. At least not the stuff you can't see and be affected by directly everyday. That stuff is pretty easy to predict. It's the unexpected shopping carts hitting the cars of life that you just can't see coming and then wonder why you didn't realize that was going to happen. Sure thers's a dent but life is still grand right? It's still good, no one died. Nothing's the end of the world.

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