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From the ghost land of the easy life.

11 August 2006

take a glorious bite out of the whole world :
Yesterday I had about 4 hours sleep, then sat for 40 minutes feeling the freezing and then the removal of the glass from my foot. The freezing is a lot like the freezing you get at the dentist. They don't remove the needles so much as move it around and pour the stuff in. It was a nice once the freezing took as It was all pulling and pushing sensations after that, no pain but no real relaxation. I kind of thought it would work better, but as with most freezing and me, it was working to a low point of making the frozen thing feel kind of thick and dead, but I could still feel everything he was doing after the incision that is. It didn't hurt but it was real creepy.

The creepy started with the giant needle they used to freeze my foot and kept on rolling through my discomfort and the ride home. I know I was cranky. Iwas cranky from stressing and little sleep and having to move my jade tree from the living room because Kid J is watering it to death and thinks she should be allowed to. I have explained the tree is a cactus and doesn't need to be watered every 3 days, still she's been trying to kill it and it finally started to shed leaves like it was giving up the fight. So now it's in my room, resting. I'm going to dry it out and then water it like it needs to be. No one kills my house plants but me.

Funnily enough almost none of my friends are available to talk to me. They won't answer the phone or their email. I'm dying for a Spicy Buffalo chicken strips meal from DQ. I know I can't walk there myself and I'm cheap so I don't want to take a cab and get it and come back. I guess I could call in and order it and have a cab bring it here but that seems over kill when one of my married friends could easily go there and bring it over, not like I can't/won't pay them back or even buy them something to eat. Everyone here is gone for the weekend, except Kid J who I'm starting to think may have a fear of the outdoors. I asked and she won't go get the food even if I buy. It's a 10 minute walk and I can't find one frigging taker. I think my friends suck because I'd do it for them. Well I would have, but now I'm less than feeling charitable and more like feeling vengeful.

I'm pissed because I knew this was going to happen, I was stressing about it and I was right. It sucks to be right. No one out there to help me but they will expect me to help them when they need it. Because I always do. Funny how that works. I help everyone and hardly any one helps me. There are a few people I can count on. Not today though, today I'm starving (also known as irrational and cranky) and getting little love from the people I call pals. I did get a little chat on with my new buddy, so I'm a little less cranky - but she's at work and can not assist in my burning desire for greasy fast food that can't be delivered.

Add to that the fact the cat keeps coming around and trying to battle it out with my foot for domination of my desk chair. Watch kitty get thrown out of the room folks. Funny how he keeps coming back. I can't take the bandages off until tomorrow and they are squishy now and I'm worried I'm going to pull the stitches and all. I'm kinda wondering if squishy doesn't add to my unease with the stitches, These are the dissolving kind and I'm kinda freaked out that I could be losing them to the squishy. In the mean time I'm kinda pissed that I can't find a single person to talk to around here, and that not one of my local pals will come to see me or answer their phone. It's nice to know if I ever got really sick I'd be all alone. After all I'm only slightly maimed now and it's a frigging ghost town in friend city.

Now I'm bummed and all I have is fruit and the prospect of getting a shit load of take out to make me smile. Of course it would be better to share it with someone. At this point the take out guy is not safe from bored and lonely recuperating me.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 3:19 PM

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