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01 August 2006

in those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer :
I'm like 5 seconds away from keeling over from heat exhaustion. I swear. Any hotter out and they'd have to rename earth toaster over central. It's a little fucking ridiculous. 45 degrees with the humidity and I feel so disgusting I can't even begin to explain it. Work has a/c but it's kinda on the fritz so it's not so wowza enjoyable anyway.

On the passive aggressive homefront I know for certain that I will be paying more for Kid M's room, if I get it, then he does. I also know he doesn't seem to be going anywhere at all. Since he paid rent for this month I have to say he's not leaving by next month. The whole living on lasts months rent is not going to escape someone like Kid M. Infact I think he'd try to get away without paying for rent even if he didn't pay first and lasts, but my impression of him is tainted by hisbad behaviour and the things I am told by others. I'd say he isn't the best person I've ever run across. Still not the worst by far.

It's pretty sucky all this heat. There was an awesome storm last night with lots of rain and lightening and it went on for hours and today is worse than yesterday. It's all eww and sweaty and nasty and no one wants to be in this house, where it's more like 50 degrees. The upside is I don't eat much in this weather and so I'm on a weather related diet and it's working for me in a good way. Now to keep it up after regular, I don't feel so pukey weather returns.

So I am still here, still working on those deep thoughts and a brand new me. I'll keep you posted at uneven intervals. Until then keep blogging.
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